Pasta is Simple

Pasta is a simple food.  Made up of only two ingredients flour and water, or flour and eggs.  Here at Project Pasta we make both.  

With a food as simple as pasta, the highest quality ingredients are of the utmost importance.  We use only locally grown, sustainable wheat that is freshly milled.  Eggs that are from pasture raised hens that bask in and enjoy the outdoors. 

The Process

First we mix the two ingredients; the wet with the dry in a stand mixer until  a mostly cohesive ball of chunky flour and egg is created.  

Second is the kneading, this is where the soul of the pasta is born. Kneading not only brings the dough together fully as one cohesive ingredient. It creates the soul of the pasta, the texture. A great noodle has a snap to it when bitten into after cooking.

The third step is the resting period.  After kneading the dough is wrapped tightly in plastic to allow the dough to relax. Kneading is a stressful process. If the dough is not allowed to rest it can make for a tougher noodle.

Fourth step is the stretching out of the dough. After the resting period the dough is stretched out to the desired thickness. Different shapes of pasta do require different thicknesses.  This is a trademark of handmade pasta.  Not all pasta should be the same thickness.

Fifth is the Cutting. After stretching, the dough is now ready to become one of the many types of long cut pasta; Tagliatelle, Tagliarini, Chittara, to name a few or cut down further to be formed into different shapes; Garganelli, Strichetti(Butterfly), Sopresine, etc.

The final step in the process is drying. At Project Pasta we air dry at ambient temperatures.  This helps to preserve the nutrients of the pasta, as well as helping to create a more melt in your mouth style of eating experience.