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Organic Dried Artisan Pasta

North American Wheat

Bronze Die Extruded

Low Temperature Dried for 48 - 96 Hours

Packed and Labeled by Hand

Pasta Nest Color_edited.jpg

Where to Shop Small

Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market 

721 N. Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Saturday 7:30am - 11:30am

Queen Creek Olive Mill

25062 S. Meridian Rd 

Queen Creek, AZ


Uptown Farmers Market

5757 N. Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ


Main Street Harvest

121 W. Main Street 

Mesa, AZ 


Monsoon Market

3508 N. 7th Street #140

Central Phoenix, AZ


Neighbor Market

901 N. 1st Street

Phoenix, AZ


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