Radiator (GF)

Radiator (GF)

Phoenix Pasta Gluten Pasta is made with Chickpea flour that has been grown, and milled right here in AZ.  We combine that with local eggs from Cruz Farm to create a gluten free pasta unlike any other you've had.  Earthy, and rich with a texture unlike any other alternative pasta.

  • Pricing

    1 lb - $12 

    2 lb - $22 ($11 / lb) 

    3 lb - $27 ($9 / lb) 

  • Shipping

    Shipping and Delivery available in the state of Arizona only. Our Cottage Industry licensing does not allow for interstate sales, and shipping.  $10 flat rate for shipping for each box.  We ship in medium sized USPS Priority boxes. 3 Lb's / box maximum. We do suggest ordering the 3 lb max to minimize shipping costs.